Be sure to follow these rules to keep your account able and active .
By creating an Hostingz account you agree to these rules, and you take full responsibility.

Failure to Pay
You are only allowed to be overdue for your payments by seven days.
If you have insufficent moneys to support paying for your hosting account you will be emailed a notice asking for a reason.
If, for some time after that, and you still haven't paid your account will be suspended, and maybe terminated.
You'll receive an email reminding you when you haven't paid and to pay so don't worry.
If you have trouble paying your bill, contact us and we won't terminate your account.

The Binding
Hostingz has full right to terminate illegal websites.
Be sure to follow these to keep your account active.

All customers will be notified of updates to this, except for spelling mistake fixes.
Hostingz is not liable for any matters which occur or arise due to information which wouldn't of happened if you had entered your correct email when signing up which subscribes yourself to receive important information regarding your hosting account.

Refund Policy
To keep websites online, somebody has to pay the electric bills, which is why:
You can only request a refund combined with a account closure if Hostingz has made your website faulty.

What files can I host?
Remember that multiple hosting accounts are not given seperate boxes. You cannot sell on your account while keeping your identity attached to the account.
Accounts are not to be used for file backup or storage purposes.
Hosting copyrighted material on the web, so it can be distributed, without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal, so we must condone it.

Which sort of sites are not allowed?
Illegal sites are not allowed.
No irc, proxy sites, file search engines, music search engines, image hosting, file hosting, warez, sh files, gameservers, chat rooms, download sites, software distribution sites, fraudulent or phishing, executible files, spamming, badfiles, proxy scripts, peer2peer usage, adult, porn, drug, torrent tracker websites are allowed. No shell access is allowed. No copyright infringement. Spamming or using your hosting account to hack, support hacking or distribute badware is not allowed either.

Your responsibility
Newsletters you send must state why you're emailing them and have an unsubscribe feature.
Anything you do to your account is your responsibilty, if you willingly let somebody have access to your account and they happen to wreck it up, it's not Hostingz's fault, even though they host you.
You have a resposibility to at least have someone or somebody administer your website and moderate it if it is community powered. In short, if you own a forum and you get 150 warez and child porn related forum posts, you cannot expect Hostingz to not at least give you a warning.
Hostingz has to administer its customers, you should do same with your website. When you sign up to Hostingz, the information you give (eg. contact details), must be as valid and honest to the best of your knowledge.

Acceptible Usage
If Hostingz finds that your hosting account is somehow responsible for illegal, or disruptive activity, you will be contacted about the matter.
If you fail to reply to our enquiries, your account will be suspended.
To get your account unsuspended, contact us for a resolution or reply to our email.
We're not asking for much.

Hosting accounts are not to be sold on.
Threats, spreading hate and malicious activity is forbidden.

If you are using your hosting account to host music, the music must be free of copyright.
If you wish to host music which is copyrighted, you need permission off the copyright holder.
The permission required is a signed document granting you permission to host the music.
The document could be an email, or a fax which has been scanned, and signed.

Free Hosting Accounts
There is no montly posting requirement.
There will be a 2 monthly post requirement once the forum becomes active.

Free Site Builder Accounts
If your site does receives less than 100 page views a month, it'll be under code red.
What this means is that we will send an emails asking to click a link save your website.
If you don't do this within three months, your site will be deleted.
Removing the advertisement, tracking codes, and the bar at the top from your site will get your site deleted.
We check accounts, and to confirm, if you have or not.
Also sites with no content on them will be deleted, for the people who signup, login, and never click save.

Privacy Policy
As with all websites, your visitor habits and regional demographic will be logged, in order for us to increase our website traffic and conversions. Such information is called metrics.
We do not have a lease or a license to other organisations' data, and we do not lease or license our data to others.
As only one person runs Hostingz, you can be assured that your data is safe.

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