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3 Things That Are Making People More Stupid

Despite numerous advances in science, technology and arts; the average IQ is decreasing over time. Tynamite gives his theory for why he thinks this is.

Creative Writing Lessons by Tynamite

People always ask me how I come up with the things I write. I say it all comes naturally. Then they ask me if I plan the whole novel out in advance. I tell them that I just write it as I go along in one take, that I write the next couple chapter names in a notepad so I have an outline then I just write the chapter out based on the chapter name. People then ask me how I manage to get something so mundane and make it sound so interesting in my stories. I tell them that's just my style of writing stories.

However I have wrote some creative writing lessons, so wannabe writers can use some of the same techniques I use.

Introducing the disposable male in action

Which gender holds all the privilege in society, males or females? Will there ever be a final answer to this question? Tynamite explains why he thinks that females hold all the privilege in society, and why males are the disposable sex.

Most people don't want to have conversations

Are people who present themselves as kind, friendly and outgoing, really so?

My two philosophies in life

Western culture corrupts us all and places objective means of success upon us that we mean to strive for. Two philosophies are explained in this article to help people get into the mindset to achieve their ambitions.

Underpinning Factor Interpretation

Scientists are trying to create human life by turning inorganic material into organic material. This is called abiogenesis. Will humans ever be able to understand conciousness? Tynamite doesn't think so. Read his 6400 word philosophy essay to find out why he says no to that question.