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4Music Trending Live

Jungle from his business Side Projects made an episode of Trending Live which aired on 4Music, of which the people in the episode act like me Tynamite and use elements of my life and get inspiration from my creations. As Jungle knows me the most, the idea for the episode obviously came from him. It took BI Podcast into a live action format, so it was the equivalent of BI Live which I devised as a child.

The purpose of such an episode is to reverse the homogenised culture on tv/music/film/radio, bring in something fresh, and reverse the brainwashing.

I can’t find a tv rip anywhere.

Tynamite (television) 2018


Official Music Collaborations

I had permission from the musicians or the record label involved, to remix their songs.

Quora’s Misogyny Problem

Quora refused to comment on the original article, but when the article got quoted on ZDNet they did comment.

Reddit’s ‘Doxtober’: A Tragedy in Five Acts

This article is about the creator of reddit forum r/creepshots and r/jailbait being doxxed and those forums being shut down to to feminist outrage. I helped to collect sources, and edit the article, along with a lawyer called Brian. The article was mostly written by Christie.

The Quora Crisis: How Long Can The Centre Hold?

The article was edited and given more sources by me Tynamite and Brian (a lawyer), but written by Christie.

The irony is that the same technology blogs that rejected our article, retweeted it and quoted it once we got it published somewhere else and got it viral.

Read by Alexis Tsosis (TechCrunch), Nancy Scola and all the previous readers
Retweeted by Glen Gilmore, Ismael Briasco, Lizard Bill, Social Smashing and Sarah Arrow
Pirated by Forbes

Why Quora Won't Scale

The article was edited and given more sources by me Tynamite and Brian a lawyer, but written by Christie.

This article went viral. The irony is that the same people who rejected the article retweeted or pirated it once it got published elsewhere.


Read by Robert Scroble[1], and TechCrunch contributors Jason Calacanis[2] and Semil[3].

Retweeted by the European editor of TheNextWeb[4], Viadeo[5], BounceRocket[6] James Medd[7] and Johnathon Rick[8]

Reblogged by BetaBeat[9], Pandawhale[10], Startup Junkies[11] and reaching #3 on Hacker News[12].

Later impact The article was referenced in TechCrunch months later for "Q: What's Wrong With Quora?" [1] The irony is that TechCrunch rejected the article when we pitched it to them first. Responses from Quora on this [2]