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Does playing violent video games makes children more likely to be violent in everyday life?

Here is a writing sample of how I write academic essays. This was done for university.

Introducing the disposable male in action

A privilege checklist is redundant, because when it comes to attitudes, tragedies, controversy, sexuality and legally, women are favoured.

Reject nanny state busybodies and reject killjoy cobbers

We are living in the matrix full of illuminati goons. Learn to identify them, defend against them and don't let them win.

Sociological Perspectives

I wrote this essay about different ways of perceiving society, for my Health & Social Care course. The research took me a long time.

Tynamite's thoughts on the 2011 UK Riots

You don't need a national inquiry to find out why the youth rioted nationwide. It's common sense!

Underpinning Factor Interpretation

Scientists are trying to create human life by turning inorganic material into organic material. Tynamite explains why this'll never happen.