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Current Plans


  • Create the website for Fresherplay (music discovery and promotion)
  • Create the website for Greethouse (social network with crowdfunding features)


  • Create the app for Fresherplay
  • Create the app for Greethouse
  • Create BI Radio episodes


  • Pay someone to make an explainer video to explain how reputation on Greethouse works and use a professional voiceover using a girl with sexy british accent (twelve set, positive reviews, negative reviews, dollars, daily quota, friends)
  • Advertise Your Price so it gets enough users to justify advertising to potential customers
  • Finish coding Your Price (paying for services, speed up admin panel)
  • Get the Your Price blog to an acceptable standard
  • Hire my first employee to work in customer support
  • Create BI Podcast episodes


  • Try to get some more web development clients
  • Tynamite will start work on his second album, Everchanging Stimuli