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4Music Takeover

Jungle did a 4Music takeover in September and October by sequencing the songs played in an order I would like

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska has definitely been reading Compesh, as ideas I put on my forum are spreading like wildfire.

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Tynamite and his business Hostingz Accent is endorsed by

  • Nick Grimshaw
  • Annie Mac
  • Mistajam
  • Adam Darlington
  • Doctor Who 2018 is based on my novel Familiarity Breaks 
  • Matt and Mollie
  • Katie Thistleton
BBC Radio 1 Takeover

Me Tynamite, I took over the BBC Radio 1 airwaves for hours at a time in October playing my own and other people's music

Broad City

The comedy Broad City is based on my writing, but it's hard to say from which of my writing influenced what specific parts of the show. And they had to set it in NYC!

Carter V

After I made this tweet @liltunechi tweeted that Carter V is coming out straight away.

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Doctor Who 2018

Doctor Who in 2018 is inspired by my novel Familiarity Breaks.

I gave my opinions on Quora for brazillian newspaper Veja

Renata, a brazillian journalist, contacted me to get my opinions on Quora she could use for her newspaper article.

Interviewed by M Garcia

M Garcia, a novelist herself, tries to get inside my writers mind.

People inspired by Tynamite design

People have been inspired by the way Tynamite designs websites, using tynamite design conventions in their own websites. Examples are here.


Visa obviously got the beep idea from me.